Gibson Dark Fire

from Gibson Lifestyle

Gibson has started a promotional campaign for a guitar that is supposed to redefine the guitar as we know it. Due out in mid December, the guitar is called the Dark Fire. You can see the back of the headstock here.

So, are we talking about a new shape, new electronics or what? We''re guessing it''s a modeling guitar, Gibson''s answer to the VG Strat, but combined with auto-tuning that is much faster than the Robot Guitar. Again, that''s just our guess. We''ll keep you informed... so stay tuned.

Sometimes a Guitar is Just a Guitar

from Paste

Because we all love top 5 lists and because it''s Friday--here''s one from Paste... the Top Five Not-So-Thinly-Veiled References to Male Genitalia in Classic Blues and R&B Songs. How Chuck Berry wasn''t number one, we don''t understand.  

CLassic Clip: Johnny Guitar Watson

from YouTube

Let''s just put it this way, there is no one like Johnny Guitar Watson.