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We may be redefining "guitar geek" here, but bear with us -- we''re trapped inside due to flooding. If you''ve got some time to burn, browsing through guitar-related patents is kind of fun. Check out this one for a color-changing guitar, or another for a split solidbody guitar. If you''re really lucky, you might stumble across a patent from a familiar company -- there''s gotta be a few in the 8000+ results from searching "guitar." Of course, if you''ve got an idea to patent yourself, we can help.

Jimi''s Burned Guitar For Sale


One of Jimi Hendrix''s famous flaming guitars will be auctioned off in the UK this summer. It''s not the famous one from Monterey, instead the one burned at the London Astoria and in Miami -- the same guitar that failed to sell in 2002. So how much of your hard-earned cash is this going to take? It''s expected to draw £250,000, which is £50,000 less than was turned down six years ago.

Pedaltrain Founder, GearTrap On Radio

from Gear Trap

We let you know about Nashville bloggers GearTrap''s coming attempt at the world''s largest pedalboard. Now the man behind the pedalboard, Jaux King, along with Pedaltrain founder John Chandler, are going on the radio in Nashville to answer pedalboard questions. The show will be at 9 p.m. on Sunday, for more information, see GearTrap.