Ten Unalienable Rights

from IG Blog

In the spirit of last weekend''s holiday, this blogger posted, in his opinion, the guitarist''s Bill of Rights. I''m sure you''ll have your own Amendments...

Knick-Knack Guitars

from Pensacola News Journal

Jim Blackmon, a musician/machinist from Florida, has found his niche with this creative hobby. He uses secondhand parts and household items, including neon lights, fiber optics, alien space crafts, a T.V. and Harley Davidson toy motorcycles to spice up his axes. Check out the pics or his YouTube page.

Newest From The Nightwatchman

from CreativeLoafing.com

Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave axe man Tom Morello recently announced an upcoming solo album.The Fabled City will be his second release under the moniker The Nightwatchman. Here''s the scoop.