Highland Spitfire Takes Off

from Highlandguitarcompany.com

This baby caught our eye while going browsing the web. It not only has a sweet paint job but comes with some impressive inlay work. Hopefully it comes with a disclaimer because this axe looks hot. Go here to find out all the details and specs behind Highland''s latest release.

Bassist Anthony Wellington Teaches

from Aguilaramp.com

Known in the bass playing community for his tenure as second bassist with the Victor Wooten Band, Wellington is sure to deliver a Master Class that will challenge and inspire. The class sponsored by Aguilar Amplification will be held on October 25th, in New York City.

10 Classic Glam Rock Albums

from Gibson.com

While the usual Glam Rock legends like Queen, David Bowie and the New York Dolls obviously made Gibson''s cut, there were some surprises that apparently didn''t make the grade. So get your makeup out and tease your hair before glancing at the "10 Classic Glam Rock List."

Zeppelin Loses to Spice Girls?!

from BBC News

Even though neither PG or Led Zeppelin will lose any sleep over this award, it definitely made us scratch our head. The Spice Girls topped Led Zeppelin at the Vodafone Live Music Awards for "best live reunion" in 2008. The only thing we can think of is that the Spice Girls aged a little better.