Vintage Guitar Investors

from Business Standard

As if that late-fifties Les Paul couldn''t get even further out of your reach, a UK investment company is considering adding a "Guitar Fund" to invest in vintage guitars.

A Man and his Martin


When this man''s 1963 Martin D-18 needed some work, he remembered the guitar''s lifetime warranty when he purchased it. Unfortunately, he forgot to hold on to the receipt. Read about his interesting journey to get his Martin fixed, along with a short primer on the origins of the C. F. Martin Guitar Company.

Les Paul Trophy goes to Scott Wimmer

from ESPN

The winner of this year''s Pepsi 300 bagged a Les Paul for the win. Despite the gawdy Sam Bass artwork that only a race fan could appreciate, the Nashville race''s Les Paul trophy is among the coolest awards in sports.

Guitars and fast cars go well together -- open wheel racer Lewis Hamilton is an avid guitar player.