A Tribute to Jerry Reed

from All Music

Jerry Reed passed away on September 1. Here''s a tribute from one of our go-to music sites, Allmusic.com

Les Paul Honored at the Rock Hall

from Associated Press

Les Paul is being honored in November in the Rock n'' Roll Hall of Fame''s Music Masters Series. At age 93, it''s about time!

Guitar Rig Hero

from Amuze.me blog

Native Instruments is holding a competition to see who can create the coolest licks with Guitar Rig 3. Plug in and you could win $10,000 worth of prizes. Amuze has the scoop.

Hokey Pokey Tab

from About.com

Keep this one bookmarked for the next birthday party or wedding. As ridiculous and beneath your Clapton-esque skills as it may be, it might make you a 4-year-old''s hero someday.