Joe Satriani''s Guitar Center Sessions

from Ibanez

Attention Satriani fans: Joe will be doing 11 live appearances at Guitar Centers around the country in April. Looks like a pretty cool chance to see and hear the man up close!

20 Rules for Blues

from Little Rock Jams

Here''s a list of 20 requirements for singing the blues, ranging from mildly amusing to laugh-out-loud funny. We like the list of acceptable Bluesy ways to die.

Bike-inspired Gig Bag

from a Wordpress blog

This guy fashioned a gig bag with old bike parts for his biker/guitarist friend. Kudos for the creativity, it has inspired us to make one out of our favorite things. We just can''t figure out how to attach a bottle of Jack Daniels in a way that won''t weigh the whole thing down...