My Favorite Martin CD Release Tomorrow

from Amazon

Martin''s 175th anniversary celebration continues with the October 7 release of their "My Favorite Martin" compilation, featuring songs from Lawrence Juber, Steve Miller, Roger McGuinn and more. This is not to be confused with the sixties TV series, "My Favorite Martian."

Metallica Bass Player Auditions

from Guitar Flame

If you haven''t seen "Some Kind of Monster" yet, here''s a snippet from YouTube of Metallica''s bass player auditions, including Rober Trujillo, who won the spot. Watch it now -- knowing Metallica''s feelings about file sharing, this video might not be up for long.

Best Live Solos Ever?

from The Gear Page

There''s an interesting discussion on the Gear Page about the best guitar solo ever caught on tape. The poster shares a link to a 1994 video of Pink Floyd playing "Comfortably Numb." Other forum members post their own faves. Argument ensues.

B.B. King Museum Opens

from Associate Press

B.B. King is being honored with his very own museum in Mississippi. This article has the story...