Andy McKee and Don Ross

from The Blues Blogger

If you''re like most guitar-loving YouTube searchers, you''ve probably watched a video or two from Andy McKee. With many of his videos drawing more than 5,000,000 views, he''s a bonafide YouTube phenomenon.

In this blog, we learn a bit more about the man behind the videos, and another ace fingerstyle player, Don Ross.

Hug Your Guitar

from IG Blog

IG Blog has declared this week "Hug Your Guitar Week" after receiving a nice story from a guy who just got a new guitar. They are also soliciting pictures of guys with their gear for Hug Your Guitar week.

Miley Plays Guitar

from Hollyscoop

Having trouble getting your tweenage daughter to pay an ounce of attention to guitar? You''re in luck: Miley Cyrus plays. Now stop looking at those controversial pictures -- she''s way too young.

Guitar Lamps

from Today''s Gizmos

This site has some home lighting for those of us who are way too into guitars. You know who you are.