2008 Thanks Jimi Festival

Electric Guitar Documentary

from Commotion

If you were going to make a documentary on the electric guitar and feature three guitarists, which three guitarists would you pick?

Davis Guggenheim chose Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White. The film is called It Might Get Loud and debuts at Cannes next week.
Big Foot Guitar

Felder Tells All

from the Orlando Sentinel

Eagles guitarist Don Felder has written a book that documents the highs and lows of his previous flight with the band. Felder says Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001), is his way to leave cautionary "signposts" for younger readers about what not to do.
Christian Mirabella with guitars

Guitarist Leo Jackson dead

from The Tennessean

Guitarist Leo Jackson is dead at the age of 74. Family members say he shot himself. Jackson had performed with Jim Reeves, Alabama and Hank Williams, Jr.