Open Stomp Ships First Models

from Guitar Noize

We''ll go out on a limb and say you''re going to be hearing a lot more about this in the future. An open source effects pedal that has been drawing blog mentions and forum threads for months has begun shipping its first models. The idea has everyone around the office intrigued.

Hiram Bullock Dies at 52

from Cort

Cort sent us this remembrance: "Hiram Bullock passed away after a valiant struggle with throat cancer, on July 25 2008, at the age of 52. A great & respected artist and a warm, outgoing man who made and kept friends. His passion was to share the joy of music with everyone and his heart & soul will live forever through the music he left behind... Cort will never forget the valuable contributions he made during his life and we will remember him fondly and with awe. May he rest in peace."

Let the Boy Play!

from Yahoo News

An 8-year-old blues player who had been playing bars in Wisconsin is having a hard time landing a gig. Why? Child labor laws. Which reminds us... how old are those Chinese gymnasts again?