Page''s Guitar

Page''s Guitar Donation


A Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck EDS 1275 is going to be auctioned tonight (March 13) at London''s Childline Rocks. The guitar will be signed and personalized by Page for the highest bidder. Check out the story for more information about Page''s donation, other items and performances. Check out this Gibson page for more on the guitar.
Guitar Hero

Gibson to Activision: See You in Court

from Eurogamer

The battle between Gibson and Activision has started. Gibson has filed a lawsuit stating that Activision''s Guitar Hero design is an infringement on the copyright of their 1999 guitar simulation technology. Gibson wants Activision to either file a license under their patent or halt making Guitar Hero games. Activision feels it has an "implied license" since Gibson waited three years to make the claim. Visit Reuters or the LA Times for more details.

Ace guitar

One Man KiSSes Guitar Good bye

eBay alert: they''re taking bids on an Ace Frehley Les Paul (closes March 16th). Want it now, you say? Only if you''re willing to dish out $100,000.