Relic''d Acoustics Next?

from Strat-O-Blogster

Glen Hansard took home an Academy Award last night for best song, but the buzz isn''t about his Oscar, but instead his beat-up acoustic. New trend or just a movie prop? We''re not too keen on sanding holes in our guitars, so we''re hoping its the latter.

Mustaine Must Solo

from Guitar Flame

Pissing off rhythm guitarists everywhere, Dave Mustaine proclaims that you can''t be an accomplished guitarist if you don''t solo. Has he been drinking too much of his own coffee? Actually, the whole story isn''t as bad as it originally sounded...

Ergonomics for Our Fretless Friends

from Building the Ergonomic Guitar

Apparently someone out there thinks that the tried-and-true guitar design just isn''t cutting it comfort-wise. We''ve seen a lot of ergonomic models lately; here''s another. This guy explains his thought process as well.