Bonnaroo, SXSW

Music Festival Lineups Announced

R.E.M. and My Morning Jacket are slated for Austin''s South by Southwest Indie Music Festival. Pearl Jam and Metallica are headed to Manchester for Bonnaroo. Click the links for full lineups so far.

Carvin Amp Colors

Amp colors

Black rocks but it can get boring after a while. Check out these amp/cab colors: Carvin invokes the name of Al Cowlings in their new color options, Randall''s Kirk Hammett amp matches the green/black look of his ESP, and Marshall''s new 1959RR is white.

Reverend Roundhouse 290

Give It Away Give It Away Now

We all love free stuff. Check out our contest for a free Carvin SH 500 and Reverend''s contest for a Roundhouse 290. SD is giving away pickups. Gibson/Epiphone have several contests going on.