What Does a 100-Year-Old Guitar Sound Like?

from Luton Today (UK)

This British folk guitarist is the proud owner of two Washburn guitars from 1906 and 1907. Check out this video of the man talking about and playing the guitars.

Iron Maiden''s Vintage Strat

from Gear Monkey

Here''s the back story on Dave Murray''s 1957 Strat -- it used to be owned by Paul Kossoff of Free.

Six Necks of Fury

from Daily Echo

You thought the four-necked guitar was nuts? Try six.

We can only wonder why people continue making these unplayable instruments.

Guitar and a Pen Book Review

from Nashville Scene

PG Columnist John Bohlinger is a co-editor and co-author of a new book coming out, A Guitar and a Pen, a compilation of stories from country songwriters. Here''s a review of it. They''re also giving away a Gibson acoustic at aguitarandapen.com.