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That Can Be Arranged: Chords That Keep On Giving

October 12, 2011
I tend to be a bit obsessive when working on a technique or concept and recently diminished harmony has been filling my time.
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That Can Be Arranged: Farewell Tour

August 24, 2011
Bill Piburn shares an original composition and discusses inspiration, non-root chords, passing tones, altered scale use, tonal shifts, chord substitution, chromatic bass lines and a Martin Taylor thumb technique
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That Can Be Arranged: In Sync With Syncopation

June 21, 2011
Syncopation or syncopated rhythm is any rhythm that puts emphasis on a beat or subdivision of a beat that is not usually emphasized.
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That Can Be Arranged: Kong Newman Rag - Applying Harmonic and Rhythmic Surprise

April 14, 2011
Full ragtime arrangement and MP3 demonstrating methods of harmonic and rhythmic surprise.
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That Can Be Arranged: Inspiration and Space

February 3, 2011
Bill Piburn discusses the development of his piece, "The Price," and the use of space
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Away in a Manger Arranged for Guitar

December 9, 2010
A traditional Christmas carol arranged for guitar
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That Can Be Arranged: Trick or Tune

October 28, 2010
A new tune from Bill Piburn inspired by a haunted piano
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That Can Be Arranged: 3 + 7 = Music

August 12, 2010
Bill Piburn details how to use the third and sevenths of chords to open the fingerboard and allow the other fingers and strings freedom to play chord extensions
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That Can Be Arranged: Same Horse of a Different Color

June 23, 2010
Bill Piburn shares an original tune that demonstrates "slash chords"
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Composed Solos

April 7, 2010
Improve your improvised solos by composing a few; Bill Piburn shares two examples of his own compositions
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"City Blue," An Original Fingerstyle Arrangement

January 28, 2010
Learn how to use implied harmony, syncopations, chord voicings, chord textures, tritones and more in your arrangements, plus a full, original arrangement from Bill Piburn.
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Arranging "Silent Night," A Christmas Classic

December 9, 2009
Bill Piburn shares his arrangement of the classic, along with some of the techniques used the arrangement.
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W.C. Handy’s Classic "Saint Louis Blues" for Solo Guitar

August 19, 2009
Learn to arrange for solo guitar; first up: an arrangement of "Saint Louis Blues"
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