Benjamin Hinz

Benjamin Hinz

Ben Hinz is the Supreme Commander at Dwarfcraft Devices. In addition to experimenting with audio, he really enjoys Blade Runner and Tom Petty's Wildflowers.



State of the Stomp: Welcome Back, Bad Monkey!

October 24, 2017
A forgotten zombie pedal returns from the dead to rekindle an old friendship and bring a new perspective.
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State of the Stomp: Come with Me if You Want to Live

July 26, 2017
Is the guitar dead, or just taking a nap?
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State of the Stomp: How to Be a Gentle Gear Guru

April 27, 2017
Noobies need your insight. Dispense it generously and kindly.
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State of the Stomp: Chuck It in the Bucket

February 6, 2017
Take a spin to the “new pedal ideas” ghost town. It’s actually a happy place.
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State of the Stomp

State of the Stomp: A Pedal Builder’s Pet Peeves

November 8, 2016
Dwarfcraft Devices' Ben Hinz serves up a checklist of how to royally piss him off.
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State of the Stomp: How to Become a Well-Adjusted Gearhead

August 9, 2016
Listen up! That’s the best way to discover how to get the most out of your gear.
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State of the Stomp: Living in Synth

May 11, 2016
Effects pedals have more in common with synthesizers than you might believe.
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State of the Stomp

State of the Stomp: The Noise of Art

February 17, 2016
Today’s unwanted sounds may become the aural delights of tomorrow.
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State of the Stomp: Imagine All the Pedals

November 3, 2015
Whether you play bass or guitar, you’d better stick to “your kind” of stomps. Or maybe not.
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State of the Stomp: The Golden Age of Echo

July 28, 2015
Digital delays can cover 75 percent of the echo sounds you need. So what’s the other 25 percent?
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State of the Stomp

State of the Stomp: Sharing (the Mix) Is Caring

May 4, 2015
What happens when everyone in the band tries to “cut through the mix?”
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State of the Stomp

State of the Stomp: A Solid Case for Doing It Wrong

February 9, 2015
Why it’s good to question pedalboard “rules.”
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