Gigging Advice

Editor Ted Drozdowski’s dream rig: Carr’s Vincent and Telstar amps, and 15 effects that can be swapped out at whim.

How the pursuit of an ideal amp setup led to a two-Carr garage/psych/roots sound.

For my debut Love and Sockets column (September 2019), I wrote about my 1964 Supro Tremo-Verb. Now, I’m returning to the Land of Me because I’ve finally found my dream amp setup. Again.

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My board’s path: Buffered AB/Y input box that combines guitar and keyboard signals (top right), Catalinbread Cloak reverb, Crybaby Mini 535Q wah, SoundBrut DrVa MkII drive/boost, Ground Control Tsukuyomi mid boost, Gamechanger LIGHT Pedal, DryBell Vibe Machine controlled by a Dunlop Volume (X), TC Electronic PolyTune Mini, SolidgoldFX Electroman MkII, Ibanez Analog Delay Mini, Radial BigShot ABY (underside).

It’s like showing your bedroom to a stranger after a crap workweek. Don’t judge me!

Every year when the PG Pedal Issue rolls around, I don’t necessarily feel compelled to dedicate my column to guitar pedals, but I often do. With so many cool new stompboxes rolling through the office, it’s hard not to.

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These basic concepts will set you on your way to mastering walking bass lines.

One of the greatest low-end innovations of the 20th century may be the walking bass line. Nevertheless, the act of walking is still something that mystifies more than a few bassists. So, how does it work?

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Name: Bourbon Cowboy
Location: East Corinth, Vermont
Guitar: The Bourbocaster-211

Solid-layered camouflage wood, zebrawood neck and headstock, and top-shelf electronics make for a unique and eye-catching heavyweight contender.

I’m the Bourbon Cowboy, a singer/songwriter from East Corinth, Vermont, and proud owner/operator of the Bourbocaster-211, an S-style guitar that I designed and built over the spring/summer of 2021. The guitar body and neck were built by a luthier named Tom Boise from New Haven, Vermont, who hand-labeled this body “Serial #1” on the inside of the control cavity.

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