Blackbird Guitars Debuts Blackbird Lucky 13 Small-Body Guitar

The new guitar is a 3/4 size instrument with the playability and responsiveness and resiliency of hollow-neck carbon fiber construction

San Francisco, CA (January 14, 2011) -- Blackbird premiered its Lucky 13, which sports a unique 13th fret neck connection. This new model stealthily blends classic looks with the superior playability, responsiveness and resiliency of hollow-neck carbon fiber construction for a full-size feel that fits in a ¾ case.

The compact form is only 13 ⅞” wide with a very slight arch back that is both secure and easy to cradle as well very strong. Access to higher frets is improved by the absence of a heel-block which is eliminated in the uni-body construction. The 13th fret neck connection allows for greater fret access than a 12-fret while retaining the tonally sweet bridge placement. The neck profile is an apropos blend of vintage shallow ‘V’ and a more contemporary shallow ‘C’.

The ¾ scale plus Blackbird Lucky 13, straddles the benchmark Rider x-small travel models and the medium-sized Super Orchestra Model. A 24.75” full-scale length makes for very easy reaches while helping to keep the overall length shorter. A 12th fret, 25.5” scale version will also likely be made available later in the year. Pricing starts at $1799.

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