BOSS announces three new stage-ready tuners

Los Angeles, CA (June 14, 2009) -- BOSS has announced a new full line of five new tuners. Here's the skinny on the ones that are useful for guitarists:

TU-1000: A professional stage tuner featuring a high-intensity LED meter for visibility on dark stages. Its unique floorboard design powers up to six effects processors and includes two audio outputs. This is the tuner of choice for the professional touring guitarist.

TU-12EX: A chromatic tuner for guitar and bass, the TU-12EX features the famous BOSS needle-type meter and LED tuning guide in a sleek thin-line body and compact size. New features include a flat tuning function, reference tone, auto-off, and Accu-Pitch, which helps musicians verify their tuning by sounding a beep when the correct tuning is reached.

TU-88: A micro monitor and tuner, the TU-88 is stylish and portable at an affordable price. In addition to authentic BOSS’ tuner and metronome features, the TU-88 features a built-in headphone amplifier, so players can directly monitor or record sounds from stomp boxes or electric guitars with the built-in speaker simulator. Guitarists can also jam along with songs from a CD or MP3 player with the new mix input function.

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