The company hopes to turn their hometown, Bend, Oregon, into an acoustic Mecca in the next decade, focusing on their new American Series and Passport Series, in addition to their legendary Custom Shop acoustics.

Bend, OR (January 20, 2010) -- Breedlove Guitar Company, Bend, Oregon USA, today announced that it will stop electric guitar production immediately and focus all company resources, passion, and muscle on its tremendously successful acoustic guitar, mandolin, and ukulele lines.

“We are very happy and excited with the decision to sharpen and refocus our innovative energy toward our acoustic lines. Our deep love of acoustic instruments can be found in every instrument we’ve ever built, including Breedlove electrics. Our electric guitars are among the best in the world. However, at this point in our history, we’re choosing to embrace our rich heritage and acoustic expertise. We’re determined to lead the acoustic industry in quality, tonality, and innovation.” --Peter Newport, President

Breedlove’s all new American Series and Passport Series are among the fastest growing guitar lines around the world. Both new series are closely related to the legendary Breedlove Custom Shop Guitars played by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Ben Harper, and Grammy Winner Ed Gerhard.

Breedlove’s 100% Made in the USA American Series ($999 street, customizable) features all solids woods, handmade quality, solid one-piece necks, and a surprisingly deep menu of affordable custom options. Breedlove recently added eleven new employees to launch this new line and plans to continue expansion through 2012.

The newly expanded Passport line (from $299 street) is a part of the award-winning Breedlove Atlas Series. Breedlove’s feature-rich Passport and Passport Plus lines now offer key elements found in much more expensive instruments including on-board back-lit chromatic tuners and exotic woods (Bubinga, Ovangkol, etc…). Breedlove’s acoustic expertise and commitment to quality make these guitars ideal for new guitarists seeking acoustic excellence, proper intonation, and incredible playability.

Breedlove’s 10 year vision aims to turn their hometown of Bend, Oregon into an acoustic music Mecca. Their decision to focus solely on acoustic instruments supports their company mission,“To build the most extraordinary acoustic music culture in the world.”

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