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Brown's Guitar Factory Announces Acoustic MIDI Saddle Conversions for Bass Tremolo Bridges

Brown's Guitar Factory Announces Acoustic MIDI Saddle Conversions for Bass Tremolo Bridges

Brown’s Guitar Factory has discovered how to merge a Kahler bass tremolo system with acoustic and MIDI saddles that can track and sound as accurate as the best performing keyboard synthesizers on the market.

Inver Grove Heights, MN (November 4, 2009) – Master Luthier John Brown of Brown’s Guitar Factory has successfully created an answer to the question many musicians have been asking the industry for over the past 25 years: Can you make my Kahler piezo/MIDI compatible? By developing proprietary saddle pieces that integrate Graphtech’s Acousti-phonic System, piezo elements and Hexpander Systems, along with the original Kahler saddle set, Brown’s Guitar Factory is now ready to provide these retrofits and installations to retailers, builders and players.

As a performing musician himself, John Brown recognized the demand and the potential for such a feature, but it took years of research, development, prototyping, trial and error before he was finally able to share his latest revisions with a select few. Now, fine-tuned and on track, Brown’s Guitar Factory will be working with retailers and repair shops to provide the service and installation of the conversion but allow the retailer to capture the sale of the hardware such as the bridge and GraphTech Systems. Likewise, Brown’s Guitar Factory is also looking to work with other luthiers, OEMs and directly with customers. “Our goal is to make sure we can provide this feature to any and all who want it, in a way that everyone can benefit,” commented John Brown.

The trick lies in the retrofit of the saddles, this is where the proprietary pieces and shape come into play, maintaining a consistent downward pressure of the string while the bridge device rotates back and forth. This provides uninterrupted tracking and superior tone. With the combination of the three systems, a bass player’s palette is now greatly expanded. This conversion system is available for four, five and six string basses.

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