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Buddy Blaze Teams up With Dean Guitars

Buddy Blaze teams up with the guitar he fell in love with over 25 years ago.

October 13, 2008 (Tampa, FL) -- Crossing paths once again, this time officially, Dean Guitars and famed guitar builder Buddy Blaze have created a beast all its own. When asked a few months ago about the project, Blaze stated that “it won’t be just another standard ML.” And with the preliminary details, specs and photographs surfacing across the web, we can concur with the Hawaiian builder.

The Dean/Buddy Blaze ML has a unique “chrome flame” graphic, and features a top mount Floyd Rose tremolo similar to the one that Buddy installed in Dimebag’s world famous Dean From Hell. It also includes other features that Blaze is known for, such as his middle and bridge pickup positions equipped with custom wound Dean DMT pickups.

While Blaze is no stranger when it comes to voicing his passion for MLs since the early-eighties, Dean Guitars CEO, Elliott Rubinson, shares a similar admiration and respect for the long-time guitar builder.

“We have the highest regard for Buddy’s talents and we realized that the new Dean/Blaze ML would incorporate the features that many players would find very appealing and a departure from what we are currently producing,” said Rubinson.

After a meeting held in Tampa, FL, at the Dean Guitars headquarters, Blaze and Rubinson realized they were on the same page and Blaze could start getting his hands dirty with fresh designs and ideas.

“I asked that we do a complete design and he allowed me to reinvent my favorite Dean model,” said Blaze. “I insisted on top quality components and rigid adherence to my design elements; Elliott and the Dean team delivered!”

When asked about what the new Dean/Blaze ML design and custom wound DMT pickups can provide any and all guitarists, Blaze’s response was simple.

“The Dean/Blaze ML and Dean DMT pickups just scream tone.”

  • 2 octave neck
  • 3 degree neck angle (allows Floyd Rose to pull up even more and increases player comfort)
  • Top mount genuine Floyd Rose Tremolo
  • Buddy Blaze designed graphic with V-neck carve
  • Unique middle pickup placement (greater clarity for shredding in neck position)
  • Buddy Blaze designed flame mother of pearl inlays on rosewood fretboard
  • Dean DMT custom pickups
The MSRP of the Buddy Blaze ML is TBA, but will be limited to 300 pieces and it does come with a certificate of authenticity.

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