Carr''s latest, the Artemus, builds on the classic sounds of Vox and blackface Fender

The Artemus in progress
Pittsboro, NC (January 5, 2010) -- We've received word from Carr Amplifiers about their newest model they will be debuting at NAMM, the Artemus.

Carr says that the amp is voiced like a combination of a Vox and blackface Fender that can be pushed into Vox/Marshall territory. While it draws on these classics for inspiration, Carr says that the amp is definitely its own thing. "The amp uses the Vox toolbox of architecture and tube compliment," explains Steve Carr, "but it has been tweaked and expanded in a Carr way!"

The Artemus features a 5ar4 rectifier, 4 EL84s and 2 12AX7s. The output section is running class A Fixed bias (test points and bias pot easily accessible) with a zero negative feedback.

The amp will be ready to ship late February, and Carr says that they will be, "aggressively priced with all the normal Carr quality component and construction techniques."

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