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Cause & Effect Pedals Release FET Dream

Newly established boutique builder, Cause & Effect Pedals, debuts the FET Dream

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  (March 2, 2009) -- The FET Dream is a hand-built and individually tweaked overdrive/distortion pedal from Cause & Effect Pedals. Co-founder Brian Alexson says the FET Dream gives players a lot of flexibility in finding their individual tone. 

The FET Dream features pre- and post-distortion equalization controls and a Drive control that ranges from unity gain to over 200X, a Girth control that provides pre-distortion equalization, and a Lean control that features a varying Q for emphasis.

Other features include true bypass switching, a small pedal board footprint, sturdy cast-aluminum enclosure, and a bright blue indicator light. Cause & Effect Pedals says the FET Dream can run for many hours from a 9V battery or be externally powered by a standard pedal 'wall-wart'.

The retail price is set at $189 US and can be ordered directly from Cause & Effects Pedals website. Shipping will begin mid-March.  

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