Colossal Cable Releases Sweet Fats Cable

The new made-in-the-USA cable features silver-plated copper conductor & braided shield

North Hollywood, CA (March 17, 2010) -- Colossal Cable has introduced the new Sweet Fats cable. Colossal Cable says that Sweet Fats gives you the "clearest and most vibrant tones, angelic highs that sound crisp and clear, robust mid-range that is articulate and powerful, deep booming bass that is warm, round and full yet tight." Here are the details on the new cable:

  • Silver plated copper conductor & braided shield
  • Hand soldered with ultra pure multi-eutectic silver solder
  • Amphenol T-series (pro range) connectors
  • Heavy duty metal back shell
  • Stylized shell design with ergonomic grip
  • Cut & abrasion resistant outer shield
  • Protective film containing pure gold & silver to improve conductivity and reduce oxidation
  • "Jaws" cable clamp
  • Multi-point structure strain relief
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handmade in the USA
  • MSRP: 11ft. - $73, 16ft. - $82.00, 21ft. - $89.00
For more information:
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