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Cut a Gear Demo, Win Gear!

Seymour Duncan''s Gear Experts Contest

Santa Barbara, CA (June 3, 2008) - There are less than two weeks left to submit your entry for Seymour Duncan''s Gear Experts Contest. The contest gives gearheads a chance to do what they''ve probably already said they can do: cut a pretty good gear demo. Who hasn''t seen an online gear demo and muttered, "Geeze where do they find these people? I could do better than that!" Well, buckaroo -- here''s your chance.

All you have to do is videotape yourself demo''ing a Seymour Duncan product and get it online. Upload the clip to YouTube and then send Seymour Duncan the link using this online form. Our own resident gearhound James Egolf is on the panel of judges.

Don''t get hung up on camera quality, Spielberg-worthy lighting, etc. Just bust out the camera and show that you know the product. Demonstrate that you can show what it''s capable of doing.

Check out these submissions:


See more submissions here. Think you can do better? If so, you''ll be scoring Seymour Duncan gear. The contest ends June 12th.

For more info:

Seymour Duncan''s Gear Experts Contest