The bass pedals are the Partical Beam, Laser Cannon, Edge Activator, and Phat Beam

Redwood City, CA (January 6, 2011) - Daring Audio, a new professional music equipment company in California, USA, launches with the introduction of four unique high-design pure analog sound processing effect pedals for bass guitar players.

Daring Audio’s first four bass pedals are the Particle Beam, a highly controllable natural overdrive with sophisticated blending and filtering capability, the Laser Cannon, a versatile distortion and fuzz with blending and texture controls, and the Edge Activator with ability to add clarity, punch and “new string” sound to all basses from upright acoustic to solidbody electric bass guitars. Also introduced is the Phat Beam, a natural sounding pure analog VCA compressor, with a blend feature and a unique side-chain option to provide sounds previously only achievable in recording studio setups. Daring Audio combines innovation, top quality components, impressive signal to noise ratios and high usability in controls and LEDs and an indestructible box with stunning design.

Bass signals and bass players are much different than guitar signals and players. The dynamic range and crest factor of typical bass signals can be 10 times higher than guitar. The range of playing techniques from finger style, picking, popping and slapping broadens the dynamic range requirements.

According to Chris Rigatuso, co-founder: “Our long time research and participation in this market revealed that professional bass players were not using pedals because of the lack of sound quality, versatility and lack of professional product design. Most players use guitar based pedals which were not designed with bass signals in mind. We wanted to design and deliver pedals that were uniquely crafted for bass, that were stage ready, rugged and easy to operate fast in the urgent live performance situations and had a strong cool factor.” This means you won’t need one hour to find your settings sweet spot.

“Daring Audio’s first priority is definitely sound quality. We have doubled the headroom by running at 18v from either a single 9v battery or a standard 9v adaptor. Our second priority was fast, flexible control with usability. We started our research with recording studio experience, interviews, and a review of mixing techniques used to create landmark bass sounds on key records. These techniques mix and match direct signals, mic'd amps with blended tracks that were processed with rack mount equipment providing overdrive with tubes. We determined a way to provide the preamp, EQ, and tube overdrive gain structure and the track blend ability in a single and simple indestructible box.”

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