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Day #31: DryBell

Day #31: DryBell

Our final day of Stompobxtober is here! Enter below for your chacne to WIN a DryBell Module 4!

DryBell Module 4

Newly released, the DryBell Module 4 is a highly versatile take on the vintage Dan Armstrong's Orange Squeezer (OS) compressor from the ‘70s. It became legendary for its unique colorful compression and playing feel. In essence, the OS's tonal uniqueness in terms of pick-attack controlled EQ combined with a spongy organic compression is the key reason for the iconic status gained among many artists throughout history. The OS can be heard on countless recordings over the decades, most notably by Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter of Steely Dan fame and Ry Cooder. Module 4 is an analog compressor engineered with the highest precision to achieve versatility, low noise, expanded headroom and sound resolution, while keeping Armstrong's magic inside the pedal. You can choose between two flavors - 'Orange' & 'Full Frequency range'. Orange mode brings this warm, vintage sound and feel while 'Full Frequency range' mode brings a more modern, brighter, clearer tone. The pedal is equipped with several useful, colorful and practical options, all packed into the new enclosure line. A burst of inspiration is guaranteed!

Additional features: True/buffered or 'Orange' bypass, Compression level meter, Expander, Low-End cut, Low-noise, 9V/100mA power supply, Silent switching