Rig Rundown: Hermanos Gutiérrez

Witness how this Ecuadorian-via-Switzerland duo evokes everything that’s beautiful and bleak from the desert, using hollowbodies, a serendipitous Strymon, and rhythmic hypnosis to paint an Ennio Morricone soundscape.

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A deep dive into pedal compression possibilities.

Rich, authentic, and plentiful sounds on tap. Easy to use basic functions. Deep, flexible programmability.

Getting the most from the Atlas likely requires more work than some analog purists or traditional-pedal seekers might want to put in.


Source Audio Atlas


The divide between pedal compressors and professional studio stuff has always been pretty wide. More recently, though, crafty digital builders have wrangled sound closer to studio-grade in stompboxes—Origin Effects’ Cali76 line or Strymon’s Compadre, for instance. The new Atlas Compressor from Source Audio takes that effort to new heights. It’s a simple 4-knob comp when you want it to be, or an almost limitlessly adjustable compression utility tool when you need more control. And, as we’ve experienced in many clever Source Audio releases, there’s lots more lurking behind the streamlined face of the pedal.

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