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DryBell Announces the Module 4

DryBell Announces the Module 4

Module 4 was designed to be a highly versatile take on a classic vintage compressor - Dan Armstrong's Orange Squeezer from the ‘70s.

The Module 4 can be transformed to a standard 'Full Frequency' range compressor by pushing the Orange button. Basically, the user gets two compression flavors and they are easily distinguishable. Orange brings a warm, vintage sound and feel while 'Full Frequency range' brings a more modern, brighter, clearer tone. The pedal is equipped with several colorful, and practical options, all packed into the new DryBell enclosure line.


  • Output - Controls the output volume (make-up gain) of the compressor. It also acts as a high headroom and distortion-free clean Boost, thanks to the high internal power supply voltage
  • Tone - Controls the overall high-frequency spectrum of the unit
  • Blend - Sets the mix of dry and compressed signals
  • Attack - Controls the reaction time of the compressor
  • Release - Controls the time before the unit releases or stops compression
  • Preamp - Controls the input gain of (any) instrument
  • ORANGE pushbutton - Enables/disables the ORANGE mode. When the ORANGE mode is off, Module 4 becomes a 'Full Frequency range' compressor
  • Expander - Automatically attenuates incoming background noise

Additional Features:

  • 3-color compression level meter - A visual representation of gain reduction and input signal level
  • LOW END cut – Option to keep or remove certain low-end frequencies
  • True bypass or buffered bypass options
  • Orange button also works in buffered bypass when the pedal is turned off. In that case, the buffered bypass reacts like the Orange Squeezer’s Front-end, keeping the bypass EQ very similar to the EQ when the pedal is active
  • Power on settings save option
  • Dot marks around knobs - Represent the settings of the original Orange Squeezer
  • Standard power supply 9-18V DC, 100mA minimum

DryBell Module 4 is available for $315.00. The first batch of Module 4s is available exclusively from the DryBell webshop.

For more information, please visit

DryBell Module 4 demo (official)