Revisiting—and expanding—an underappreciated vintage compression flavor yields inspiring results.

A beautiful introduction to Orange Squeezer compression voices. Low noise floor. Smart expanded functionality.

A touch expensive if you’re an occasional or light-duty compression user.


DryBell Module 4


I didn’t know much about compressors when I got curious about the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer. But I read an interview with Mike Campbell about his work on Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” and there, among the ingredients for his magic tone recipe (along with an Ampeg Jet and that Broadcaster), he listed an Orange Squeezer. I knew there was something haunting and magical about Campbell’s intro and solos on that song, and if an Orange Squeezer was the way, well, then, one day I would have one too. That never happened. I bought a Dyna Comp instead, and then dropped the idea of using a compressor for a long time.

DryBell’s Module 4 is a vastly expanded and more flexible take on the original Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer. In my explorations of the pedal, I found a lot of tones that sounded and felt a lot like Campbell’s “Boys of Summer” lines. It’s clear, punchy, squishy, and even a bit pure in the way it retains a guitar’s personality. But with the significantly expanded functionality that DryBell offers in the Module 4, which include vintage Squeezer and full frequency modes, there’s much more to discover.

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Croatia’s masterful tone tailors use the Urei 1176 compressor and Dallas Rangemaster as inspiration for a super-flexible sound-sculpting machine.

Squier J. Mascis Jazzmaster and Fender Jazz Bass through ‘68 Fender Bassman recorded via Apogee Duet and Rode NT2A
The rhythm guitar is recorded with a Vox UL730-style preamp pedal with Unit67 range, eq. and sustain controls all at noon. Boost is at about 30%. Lead guitar features no extra overdrive and starts with identical Unit67 settings—adding progressively more range, boost, sustain and high-band EQ until boost is ultimately at 75%, range at maximum, high EQ at about 70% and sustain at 70%. Bass is recorded with same levels at rhythm guitar.


Pretty, transparent compression that excites overall tone without excessive coloration. Very intuitive to use. Great range in all controls.

Fixed attack, release, and compression ratio settings diminish flexibility to some extent.


DryBell Unit67


Ease of Use:


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