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DryBell Announces the Vibe Machine V-2

The latest version features three "set and forget" controls.

Krapina, Croatia (January 12, 2017) -- DryBell is pleased to announce the latest evolution of their highly praised modern classic: The Vibe Machine V-2.

The Vibe Machine series is the world’s first smallest vibe pedal, produces classic, analog Uni-vibe sounds.

The Vibe Machine V-2 features the same optical system as the V-1, they can sound similar or very different from each other, depending on how you set the versatile custom sound options (side controls) which are useful for matching your V-2 with different gear.

It features three new "set and forget" side controls:

  • Chorus (adjusts the 'chewiness' and depth of vibe modulation)
  • Grit (overall presence of the V-2)
  • Custom (adjusts the input impedance)

Each of these controls can help you achieve that classic deep throbbing pulsating sound which can be adapted to any type of gear you use.

Besides that, the new Vibe Machine V-2 has a several new functions that are controllable with an expression pedal or with the new DryBell F-1L Footswitch:

  • Cancel function (gives you the specific sounding bypass tone of the original Uni-Vibe)
  • Tap tempo feature
  • Fast/Slow with adjustable Leslie ramp delay (not only on/off like on the V-1)
  • Two speed function (user defined speed settings)
  • Different footswitch type compatibility
  • Expression pedal pot taper adjustment

The Vibe Machine V-2 requires standard 9V, 170mA power supply.

DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 is available for $298.75. Optional F-1L Footswitch retails for $33.00. All products can be purchased directly from the DryBell web shop or from selected dealers featured on dealers page.

Watch the company's video demo:

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