A fully analog foundation preamp pedal inspired by classic British tones.

Krapina, Croatia (June 3, 2020) -- DryBell is pleased to announce their latest product: The Engine

The Engine - A powerful voice for musicians.

The Engine is a highly versatile and fully analog foundation preamp pedal with distinct voicing inspired by 60’s British classic amps and sounds. It's open sounding and very touch sensitive so the amount of dirt on tap is easily controlled by the pick attack. It covers all the classic overdriven tones on a variety of amps and can be pushed even more with our take on the classic Range(master) and a powerful EQ/Boost section.

The Engine consists of two fully analog sections.

Side A features:

  • Level - Controls the overall output volume
  • Gain - Adds additional grit & dirt to the tone
  • Tone - Controls the high frequency spectrum
  • Shape - Changes the overall character and level of mid frequencies

Side B features:

  • Range - Controls specific mid frequencies very similar to the old classic "Rangemaster“
  • Level - Controls the overall output volume of high headroom and distortion free clean Boost with the high internal power supply voltage (23V). Boost stage gain is 22,4dB, (-7dB turned fully CCW).
  • Low - Controls the low frequencies from -15.8dB up to +9.3 dB
  • High - Controls the high frequencies from -13.2dB up to +7.2dB

Order - Controls the side stacking order of the Preamp (A>B or B>A). A very useful control for selecting between "more gain" or "more volume" and it really helps in terms of pedalboard position. Both The Engine’s sections share a high headroom ultra-low noise buffer, designed to have no signal loss.

Standard power supply: 9-18V, 100mA

Pricing & Availability

DryBell The Engine is available for $299.00

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

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