A tone shaper that includes a boost, Rangemaster-like mid control, and an 1176-style compressor.

Krapina, Croatia (November 16, 2018) -- DryBell is pleased to announce their latest product: Unit67.

The Unit67 is a fully analog device that has a highly versatile EQ set including a Rangemaster-like mid control, a boost, and an 1176-style compressor all in one extremely practical compact guitar pedal. It is a versatile multi-functional tone shaping tool which will improve almost every tone to the next, harmonically rich level. Also, you can experience a feel like you’re playing through loud or overdriven amp but on lower volume. Amazing!

The Range (Master) control will help you cut through the mix and will enrich your tone with the glorious sparkle often associated with the old classic Rangemaster. In situations when you’re using darker toned amps or guitar pickups, “The Range” will always add a harmonically rich sparkle to your tone.

Combined with a touch of sustain and boosted just enough to give you that tone, “The Range” will give some serious bite to your sound which is another way to push you through the mix while playing lead.

It features 3 different type of effects combined together:

  • Boost - The gain of the boost stage is 22,4dB (with the EQ turned off)
  • Compressor – The low noise FET compressor stage is inspired by the legendary UREI 1176 studio compressor
  • EQ - The EQ section contains 3 controls: range, low, and high

Standard power supply: 9-18V, 100mA

DryBell Unit67 is available for $289.

Watch the company's video demo:

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