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Mayfly Introduces the Flat Earth Compressor

Mayfly Introduces the Flat Earth Compressor

The Flat Earth has minimal knob count and feed-forward compression circuitry.

The Mayfly Flat Earth uses Feed-Forward circuitry which determines the amount of compression by analyzing the signal before it’s compressed. Old school compressors (you know: the Red one, the Orange one, the Grey one)use Feed-Back circuitry which looks at the signal after it’s already compressed. This results in noise, pumping, and tone-loss.

Boutique pedals based on older designs try to get around these problems by adding more knobs: blend knobs, tone knobs, etc. According to Mayfly Audio, "The Flat Earth has minimal knob count to allow guitarists to get to ‘wow’ quicker."

  • Feed-forward compression circuitry: great compression that’s easy to setup
  • No pumping or other compression artifacts
  • Very low noise floor, very low distortion
  • Level, sustain, and attack controls. That’s all you need
  • Full bypass using relays with Fail Safe (automatically switches to bypass if the pedal loses power)
  • Cast aluminum enclosure with stunning artwork
  • MSRP $149 USD ($199 CAD) direct online

Introducing the MayFly Flat Earth Compressor

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