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MayFly Audio Releases the My Evil Twin Delay

MayFly Audio Releases the My Evil Twin Delay

MayFly’s new My Evil Twin delay gives unique delay with fail safe technology for bypass switching.

The My Evil Twin is a one second delay with pitch-shifting modulation. The secret sauce is the foot switchable modulation. From a subtle warble to full on-chaos, the pitch-shifting modulation adds a huge amount of depth to the effect. Reviews have noted, “Is it a chorus?”, “Is it a flanger?”, “Is it… is it… what the heck IS IT?”


  • Up to one second of pristine delay
  • Repeats from one to infinite
  • Tone control on repeats; changes the overall delay from a dark room to a bright room
  • Mix control
  • Full bypass using relays; good for over a million stomps
  • Fail Safe technology automatically switches to bypass if the pedal loses power
  • Cast aluminum enclosure with stunning artwork
  • MSRP $229.00 USD

MayFly My Evil Twin

All Mayfly pedals are hand-built in Canada and carry a lifetime warranty. More info at