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Dean Founder Starts Over

Dean Guitars founder, Dean Zelinsky, teams with Diamond Amps for DBZ Guitars.

(August 26th, 2008) - After a rollercoaster ride with his first project, Dean Guitars, which dated all the way back to 1976 and the young age of 18, Dean Zelinsky is ready to climb back into the ring. Today, Zelinsky announces the launch of his new company and its website, DBZ Guitars. "DBZ Guitars will have my personal control over design, direction and quality," said Zelinsky.

Zelinsky is recognized industrywide for ushering in a new era in guitar design. That evolution continues with the new line of DBZ Guitars, premiering in January ''09, showcasing Zelinsky''s ability to "take guitar design to the next level." Zelinsky will be doing for guitars what custom bike builders have done for the motorcycle industry. Zelinsky stated rare exotic woods, laser technology and proprietary graphics applications will be essential to DBZ Guitars'' new look.

An image of one of Zelinsky''s new guitars, from the DBZ website

Equally newsworthy, Dean Zelinsky has partnered with Diamond Amplification owner Jeff Diamant, (who is now also President and COO of DBZ Guitars), and Diamant''s Texas partner, Terry Martin. Explained Zelinsky, "Jeff and I share a vision for DBZ, and see eye-to-eye on how this industry should be serviced. I have teamed up with Jeff because his proven business savvy is critical to this challenging new venture...guitar brands are not built every day. His Diamond Amps are second to none and add cache to the DBZ Guitar brand."

"Dealers and distributors worldwide are already calling and vying for exclusive rights to DBZ/Diamond" added Diamant. "Simply, together we can do more than we can apart." Diamant continued, "Diamond will not be changing its current vision or plan. We have a vision for DBZ and a vision for Diamond."

DBZ Guitars will be offering distributor exclusives worldwide on U.S.A.-made custom and high-end guitars, and a full range of lower price point guitars (electrics, acoustics and basses) to fit every level of talent and budget. Zelinsky and Diamant are focusing on quality, from top to bottom, to not only meet but exceed the expectations of Dean''s more than 30-year fan following and the Diamond Amps fans.

Not only is the duo of Zelinsky and Diamant looking to fill a void in the guitar industry, they are looking to create their own guitar-manufacturing philosophy.

"We are bringing a radical approach to every aspect of DBZ Guitars; guitar design, marketing, advertising and distribution, while retaining traditional and elegant styling and feel," said Zelinsky. "The technology available today is being way under-utilized. This industry is stuck in the Dark Ages -- it needs another shot in the arm."

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