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Decibel Eleven Introduces the Split Personality Amp Switcher

The switcher aims to eliminate the buzz and hum caused by ground loops

Stevenson Ranch, CA (July 27, 2012) – The new Decibel Eleven Split Personality amp switcher gives electric guitar players a clear performance edge beginning with elimination of the buzz and hum caused by ground loops, announced Chris Hern, Decibel Eleven vice president of product development.

The advanced DB-11 Split Personality amp switcher features include a Class-A discrete input buffer engineered to eliminate the losses and loading problems associated with splitting and a classic AB/Y format with an additional mute option. The compact Split Personality design is the only amp switcher pedal that is MIDI controllable and provides easy integration with any MIDI-controlled set up that allows remote access to 128 custom presets.

“Guitar players using Split Personality amp switchers can be absolutely confident in their sound quality so they can relax and enjoy delivering great performances,” stated Hern. “As musicians and design engineers, the DB-11 team is committed to creating advanced products with exceptional sound performance, reliability and value.”

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