DLS Effects Releases Stereo Chorus Waves

The pedal has dual outputs for stereo or mono use, and Rate, Depth, Width, and Blend controls for a variety of chorus, vibrato, and rotary sounds.

Rochester, NY (March 8, 2011) -- DLS Effects has announced the Chorus Waves pedal, designed to produce chorusing from thick to transparent and everything in between.

The Chorus Waves has two output choices: the more organic-sounding OUTA and the slightly brighter OUTB. The outputs can be used individually for mono or together for stereo. Controls include Width, Depth, and Rate, which together give you a variety of chorus, vibrato, and even rotary sounds. The pedal also features a Blend pot to mix in as much analog instrument with lush Chorus Waves as desired. The Chorus Waves is true bypass, constructed using a heavy steel enclosure, steel switches, and steel pots to withstand every road environment. DLS products are all custom crafted in the USA! Street $199.

Chorus Waves Features:
· Blend: Analog instrument stays analog, blends in chorus to taste
· Width: Set to thicken or tighten up chorus sound (expansive wide chorus to compressed chorus)
· Depth: Controls the depth of the chorus
· Rate: Controls the speed chorus (~.4hz to 11hz)
· Internal OUTA pot: Volume output on OUTA (from mild to boost levels)
· Internal INA Pot: Adjusts the input gain level of Input A
· Rate LED: Green LED blinks at the Rate of the chorus
· On/Off Switch: Engages the effect when ON, Switched bypass when OFF.
· INA jack: ¼” jack, instrument input
· OUTA jack: ¼” jack Output to amplifier
· OUTB (Bright) jack: ¼” jack Output to amplifier for bright out in mono or 2nd output for stereo out
· 9vdc input: 2.1mm jack, any polarity (Worry free if using your 9-volt pedal board supply)
(Input voltage 9vdc to 14vdc, Input current is 70ma at 9vdc)
· Small Size: 5”L x 4”W x 2.5”H
· All steel enclosure, steel pots, and steel jacks
· Powder coated enclosure

For more information:
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