January 2019

Premier Guitar Run-of-Site Banner Examples

Premier Guitar Run-of-Site Banners are designed to give your brand maximum exposure throughout the entire PG.com website. Examples here (point to them somehow). We deliver a full report on all banner campaign stats to help you evaluate your own performance. Email us to get started with a custom banner package to fit your marketing goals. 
PG.com Site Traffic 2016:

640,328 Avg Users/month 5,556,882 Page Views/month
1.4 Million sessions/month

Overall Display Ad CTRs:
Avg PG CTR on ROS Banners: 0.20%
Global benchmark ad CTR: 0.17%* (Across all ad formats and placements, via http://www.smartinsights.com/internet-advertising/internet-advertising-analytics/display-advertising-clickthrough-rates/)
Exceptional Banner Performers:
728 x 90 LB: CTR of 0.23%
Popover Banner: CTR of 0.22%