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Fender American Standard, VG Strat and Super-Sonic Amp Demos

Greg Koch gives a comedic look at the American Standard Tele, the VG Strat and the Super-Sonic amp.

Fort Wayne, IN (June 4, 2008) -- If you haven''t seen Greg Koch do a clinic, you''re in for a treat -- he actually makes you think you''re watching stand-up comedy, not a demo. Taking the stage during the post-lunch slot at GearFest 08, he was set with the task of combating the I''m-so-full-I-could-just-fall-asleep-in-these-comfy-theater-chairs sentiment of the average audience member. After you see this vid, you''ll understand why this was perfect scheduling.

The demo began with the American Standard Tele, which he played some insane licks on before going into a humorous tirade on the difference between the American Standard and the American Series. Take a look:

He then proceeded to pull out the VG Strat, and explain it even more humorously than the Tele. The VG sounded pretty incredible in his hands, though we''re unsure about our own ability to make the guitar sound that good...

Finally, we got a show from Fender''s Super-Sonic amp. If you haven''t heard one yet, this amp was loud! According to Greg, it was set at 3, and we were blown away. He takes us through Vibrolux and Bassman tones in the amp.

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