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GALLERY: L.A. Amp Show 2011

The latest boutique amps, guitars, and pedals on display at the annual Van Nuys gear gathering.

Electroplex Rocket 100-B
"The concept of a ""two-stage rocketс for bass and guitar came from the old piggyback Bassman amps and from players like Brian Ray with his current gig needs with Paul McCartney,с says Electroplexуs Don Morris. рA long-time friend and Rocket owner, Brian is called upon to play both bass and guitar when he tours with Paul.с The Rocket 100-B (tentative name) is an all-tube bass/guitar amp in a compact, functional package for studio, rehearsals, and small-venue live performances. It has two channelsяone for bass and one for guitarяwith independent controls for Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Presence, with the Guitar channel possessing additional knobs for Gain and Reverb. And for bass purists, Electroplex is looking to make available a bass-only, single-channel amp in 2012. "