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GALLERY: The Richard Gere Guitar Collection

A selection of guitars and amps from Richard Gere''s personal collection. All photos: CHRISTIE''S IMAGES LTD. 2011

1960 Gibson ES-335 TDN
"Norman Harris of Norman's Rare Guitars said, ""I sold the guitar to Richard Gere about twenty years ago. He was referred to me by Alfons Ketner of Voltage Guitars because Gere was looking for a blonde vintage three thirty-five and they didn't have one. He came out to my house to try the guitar, which really blew my neighbors away, seeing Richard Gere walk into my house. I didn't know he was a guitarist and was surprised because he is a really good player. What was funny was he gave me a deposit for the guitar then left without his glasses and I got worried he couldn't see. I had to meet him and return the glasses and deliver the guitar. I love 335s, especially the blonde ones. If I had not sold it to him it would have been in my book."""