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GDS Teams Up With Guytron Guitars

GDS Amplification purchases assets of Guytron Guitar Amplification

Fenton, MI (January 26, 2009) -- GDS Amplification has announced that they have purchased the assets of Guytron Guitar Amplification and are now shipping new and returning products that remain faithful to the design of original Guytrons.

All previous Guytron products have returned to full production including the patented GT100 F/V 100 watt head as well as the new GT20 and GT40 in both heads and combos.

Now all Guytron speaker cabinets will be loaded with Bigtone 35 and Bigtone 55 speakers and amplifier heads and will be shipped with a Bigtone speaker cable, a footswitch and an embroidered cover.

Additionally, a new light weight series of Guytron cabinets is now being offered to match the GT20 and GT40 heads. Guytron says these cabinets are very light for gigging musicians who need portability. 

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