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Egnater Amp Building Seminar

Build your own JCM800-style head

Berkley, MI (December 31, 2007) - Check this out -- Egnater Custom Amplifiers is hosting a two-day amp building seminar designed to teach you everything you''ve ever wanted to know about amps. You show up ready to learn and ready to solder -- you leave with your own hand-wired Marshall JCM-style head.

The amp you build is based on circuits Egnater has designed. It is like a JCM800 but better -- you''ll modify it to create more gain, a smoother tone and more punch. Egnator says it''ll sound like a cross between channel 3 of their older TOL100 and the B channel of their current SL module. The build also involves a series effects loop and a Density control.

Each participant will have their own work station and the support of Egnator''s resident experts through every step of the build. They say basic soldering skills and electronic knowledge are helpful but not necessary -- 70 percent of their previous participants had no soldering experience at all.

The seminar is designed to have you shredding licks on your finished amp by 6 p.m. on Saturday. On Sunday you''ll learn how tube amps work.

The next seminar is scheduled for February 23 - 24 and is limited to six students per session. The $1,600 tuition includes your class fees and your Egnater Custom amp kit.

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