All 12 axes featured as Guitar of the Month in 2011.

"рI was looking for my first у59 6120, and I wanted it to be close in serial number to Setzerуs,с owner Fred Stucky says of the serial-number 33002 hollowbody he purchased at the Dallas Guitar Show in 1990 for $2500. рI knew even back then, 20 years ago, that Gretsches within certain production batches were better than others. That 33000 batch is pretty special. It was the last batch of 2.75""-deep 6120s with an enamel-faced B6 Bigsby vibrato. They also have the light trestle bracing and, purportedly, a slightly thinner top.с Stucky took the time modify the guitar into a near-perfect homage to Setzerуs 6120 almost two decades before the Gretsch company even thought of it. рChet signed the guitar 1 in у91 and added тCGPу after his signature,с says Fred Stucky, owner of April 2011уs Guitar of the Month. рI always thought it meant тcountry guitar player,у so when Brian signed it in у92 I had him add тRGPу after his name. He asked why and I said рbecause youуre a rockabilly guitar player.с It wasnуt until many years later that I learned тCGPу meant тcertified guitar player,у so тRGPу always makes me smile when people ask about it.с"