warm audio

A beautiful reincarnation of a classic analog phaser yields a bounty of character-rich modulation tones.

Pros: Impressive build quality for the price. More expansive and malleable voice than most vintage phasers.

Rate control could have a gentler taper at the slower end of its range.



Warm Audio’s existence is a gift to vintage- and analog-fixated musicians with modest budgets. Their products range from very affordable homages to legendary studio equipment, like the Universal Audio LA-2A compressor and the Neumann U67 microphone, to rare and expensive vintage stompboxes. Given their affinity for replicating such treasures in the aesthetic and functional realms, it’s little surprise they built a tribute to the Mu-Tron Phasor II. Original Mu-Tron effects were candy for the eyes and ears. They were brilliant designs inside and out. And creator Mike Beigel and his team always made certain their products offered unique, deeper, and different sounds and functionality. The fruits of Mu-Tron’s efforts to create a stand-out phaser live on in the Mutation Phasor II, which is a beautiful, enveloping work of modulation machinery.

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