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Warm Audio ODD and Mutation Phasor Demos | PG Plays

Warm Audio ODD and Mutation Phasor Demos | PG Plays

Guitarist Tom Butwin demos two all-new pedals from Warm Audio: the ODD Box V1 and the Mutation Phasor II.

Warm Audio ODD Box

The hard-clipping, op-amp-based circuit of the ODD delivers all of the sounds of a cranked, saturated tube amp made famous in legendary recordings. True to its inspiration, the ODD is perfect for adding a little breakup to an otherwise clean tone, or dramatically transforming your clean pedal-platform amp into a punk-rock powerhouse. To accurately deliver this popular modern tone, the ODD is built like an iconic pedalboard staple with through-hole construction using premium components, including a TLO82CP Op-Amp, 2N7000 transistors, & hand-selected capacitors & resistors.

Featuring classic-inspired controls and sounds, including a UK/US Switch, the ODD can quickly flip personalities. Engaging the UK setting distorts earlier, bumps the upper-mids, and increases volume - giving this setting more of a cranked, "chimey" amplifier tone. The US setting has a little more clean headroom, allowing the ODD to act more like a boost at first, and better aligns with traditional tweed-based "edge of breakup" amplifier tones


Warm Audio Mutation Phasor

The Mutation Phasor II features the electro-optical phase shifting, variable rate, and ultra-analog feedback controls of the 70s legend. Delivering all of the vintage vibes of the original phaser pedal, Mutation Phasor II allows you to add depth, wobble, swirl, or “instant funk” to guitar, keys, bass, or anything you can dream of. To deliver a true-to-spec recreation of the circuit, the Mutation Phasor II is built with premium components including classic RC4558P op-amps,vintage-style diodes, carbon resistors, and film caps. Housed in an ultra-tough steel case, the Mutation Phasor II delivers lush studio sound in a road-worthy build.

To deliver the authentic, experimental experience, the Mutation Phasor II brings back all of the original controls. For ultra-rich swirly phase shifting, the “Depth” control allows you to vary the width of the sweep range - delivering deep modulation expected from a vintage all-analog pedal. Increasing the depth control adds width to the frequency range of the effect, impacting higher highs and lower lows. Easily change the speed (or rate) of the phase-shifting effect to create more or less “wobble” in your tone - from 1/10th sweeps per second (slowest) to 18 sweeps per second (fastest). Increasing the “Feedback” control adds electric feedback to the “wet” phase-shifting signal. Increasing the feedback control creates a more intense phase sound with a particular emphasis on the sweeps, especially noticeable at slower rate settings.

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