JAM Pedals Fuzz Phrase Si Demo
JAM Pedals Fuzz Phrase Si Demo | First Look

Ace guitarist Nikos Arvanitis shows off the dynamics and many shades of blasting, buzzing thrills that shine in this simple silicon Fuzz Face-inspired circuit.

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Low-gain overdrive? Tell that to the amp you just blew up with this Jekyll and Hyde stomp.

Snappy-to-nasty OD colors. Dynamically responsive. Easy to dial in a wide range of tones. Nice price. Momentary switch option.

Bass-heavy settings can sound cloudy.


Electro-Harmonix Spruce Goose


I was very late to discover the Marshall Bluesbreaker. There’s no reason, really. We just didn’t cross paths often, and unlike, say, a Boss SD-1 or something, there wasn’t one lurking around every practice joint. Last year, though, I got to hang out with Marshall’s recent re-issue and was sad to see it go. So, I was equally stoked to get my hands on EHX’s Spruce Goose, which uses the Bluesbreaker as a point of departure.

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First Look: Carr Amps Bel-Ray Demo
Carr Bel-Ray Amp Demo | First Look

The EL84 rambler champions three legendary British ’60s to early ’70s sounds embracing their classic chime, crunch, and kerrang packed into a modern design.

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